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This refers to a story on white quails and rejoinder by GADVASU.
The university was breeding Japnese Quails(Cuternix Japonica) earlier.Since these are present in wild in Northeast states these are protected Under Wildlife protection act 1972 in Sch IV.
Being Hon.Wildlife Warden and Nominee to IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethics Committee of CPCSEA,Govt of India,I informed about breeding of white quail News to Chief Wildlife warden and CPCSEA,Chennai.I couldnot get any reply from CWW but CPCSEA sent me the following Mail.
As per wildlife P Act a permission u/s 12 is required to carry out any research on Scheduled wild animals.MoreoverCWW has to enquire about the process of breeeding ,Parent stock any sanction by CWW of state.if these are exotic breeds( or Texas A7 M or cuternix Quaime,then before importing a permission is required from CPCSEA under export rules.
CPCSEA also approve the experiments on animals in research and educational Institutes under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and Rules thereunder.
It grants recognition to institutes for experimentation and breeding for use in Labs.It appoints its Nominee to IAEC of in case dr.G.S.Bedi(a Vet and president of People for animals Jalandhar ) is IAEC nominee of CPCSEA in GADVASU.His contact No. is 09814258726/01812272000.
before staring any research protocol or experiments on animals a meeting of IAEC is called and projects are approved and informed to CPCSEA Headquarters at Chennai.
In this case it is evident from this Email of expert consultant that the protocol has not been approved by CPCSEA.
It Means the university has deviated from adopting the legal way in this research?
It is also apprehended that partridges ,which are larger than wild quails & have almost same weight,will be trapped and dressed and sent to commercial establishments in Garb of White Quails.This will incease the hunting and many such cases have been reported in past.So this will be a threat to wildlife.The are myths that Tiger Bones or parts are of Medicinal Use will the University produce Black tigers too ?
In wild life Protection Act Sch IV the Word Quail is Mentioned .There is no description that whether it is white or Black or striped Quail.Quail is Quail ,whatever dress it wears.
This is sent for your information and needful.

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Date: Feb 6, 2008 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: GADVASU/PAU Ludhiana.
To: cape india <>

Dear sir
Small animals including (poultry and other birds etc), come under the purview of the Institutional Animal Ethics Committe (IAEC), we are not sure these proposal has been approval by IAEC or not.
Sivaperuman, C

cape india <> wrote:
Expert Consultant CPCSEA,

Please inform me that whether protocol / Permissionto Develop white quails was granted to Guru Angad Dev Vety. University/Punjab Agri. University,Ludhiana by CPCSEA.
Dr.Sandeep K Jain
Chief Coordinator,
for Care of Animals & Protection of Environment-India(CAPE-India)

Dr. C. Sivaperuman, M.Sc., D.B.T., Ph.D.,
Expert Consultant
CPCSEA, Animal Welfare Division
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Government of India
13/1, Third Seaward Road
Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur
Chennai - 600 041, Tamil Nadu, India
Tele/Fax: 91-44-24422380
Mobile: 91-9380998988

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International PFA said...

This news has appeared in the Tribune today:

No curb on quail breeding: Varsity
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 14
Reacting to a news-item, "Quail breeding raises hackles", published in these columns on February 7, the public relations officer (PRO) of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana, has clarified that the union ministry of environment and forest has "allowed the white form of Japanese quail for research and breeding purposes".

In a communication to The Tribune, the PRO has claimed that the permission for the same was granted vide a letter dated September 5, 2002, issued by S.C. Sharma, additional director-general of forests (Wild Life). A copy of the letter was sent to the chief wild life wardens of all the states and Union Territories, along with their Veterinary Departments.

The PRO has asserted that GADVASU started working on the development of white Japanese quails after receiving information in this regard. The intention was only to introduce a new bird to commercial poultry farming, but also to make quails readily available to population fond of eating its meat; discouraging in the process the hunting of wild quails.
He has added that quail meat is not only a delicacy, but also has medicinal value for some nervous disorders. It is rich in protein and minerals. Besides this, it contains vitamins and is low in cholesterol on per unit meat basis.

Here the PRO has not spoken regarding CPCSEA'S permission .Kindly inform that Have they submitted any protocol for approval or they have sent any report in minutes of the IAEC meeting where it was approved?
What can be the action if they have Violated the Rules reg.CPCSEA Permission?
An early reply is Solicited.
Dr.Sandeep K Jain.